Ganesh Benzoplast Limited

With its headquarters in Mumbai, India - the company is one of the leading independent Liquid Storage Tank (LST) provider, specializing in the storage and handling of all liquid chemicals and oil products and has storage terminals at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust - JNPT (Navi Mumbai), Cochin Port Trust - Cochin and Mormugao Port Trust - Goa. GBL is also in the business of manufacturing of speciality chemicals, food preservatives and oil additives having two factories at MIDC Tarapur(Maharashtra). The Company's annual turnover for last financial year 2020-21 was Rs. 260 Crores with break-up of Rs. 149 Crores as rental Income from LST division and Rs. 110 Crores from Chemical manufacturing division. GBL has workforce of more than 250 people.

Covering and connecting India's major shipping lines

We offer complete storage and handling solutions at 3 major ports providing storage capacity of 3,26,000 KL to cater various industries.

Operational and safety standards for each location

We offer professional & technical services to our client as per standard operating procedures which are adopted to ensure safe & secure handling of their products.

Our public status

We are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange & National Stock Exchange and strive to provide optimum transparency & increase in shareholder’s value

Staff workforce
Years Serving domestic and exports
Terminals JNPT, Goa and Cochin
Tanks Bulk Liquid Storage Facilities
Metric Tons Sodium Benzoate & Benzoic Acid
Metric Tons Lubricant Additives
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GBL Infrastructure Division

The LST division of Ganesh Benzoplast Limited is one of the leading independent tank storage providers, specialized in the storage and handling of liquid chemicals, petroleum products and Edible Oil products. GBL operates 3 major ports providing storage capacity of 3,26,000 KL to cater various industries. The terminals are strategically located for users along the major shipping routes. Terminals are at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust - JNPT (Navi Mumbai), Cochin Port Trust Cochin and Mormugao Port Trust Goa. The majority of customers are leaders from the chemical and oil industry, for which GBL stores a large variety of products destined for a wide range of industries.

GBL Stores & handles through its professional team with safety service commitments for the satisfaction of its customers & growth in business due to long term relationship with the customers. GBL's operations are based on the principles of transparency, loyalty, commitment to its work force and mutual trust.


GBL Chemical Division

The GBL Chemical division is engaged in manufacturing innovative speciality chemicals such as Sodium Benzoate, Benzoic acid and derivatives and also into manufacturing of Petroleum Sulfonates, Lubricant Additives and related components.

With its manufacturing activities started in the year 1986 GBL focused on improving the quality and performance of our customers’ products.


GBL is leading and only manufacturer of Benzoic Acid from Toluene Oxidation route in India.


GBL is leading Manufacturer of Sodium Benzoate in India having 90% of the Market Share.


GBL enjoys excellent reputation for quality with the multinational companies in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Paint and many more industries.


GBL was the first to introduce Benzoic Acid in India by Toluene Oxidation route.


GBL was First to manufacture Sodium Benzoate in India.


GBL entered into the Business manufacturing Petroleum Sulfonates in the year 2005.


GANESH is the only brand of Indian Manufacturers producing the entire range of Lubricant Additives, at par with Lubrizol and Afton.


GBL provides in house expertise to manufacture the components required for the manufacturing of the additives there by keeping a stringent control on the quality of key components.

Market Share