Lubricant Additives

Engine Oil Additives

GBL’s engine oil additives are comprehensively designed to protect all types of engines in a variety of operating environments. To meet our customers unique product needs and requirements GBL customizes and develops engine oil additives packages. We offer engine oil additives for Heavy-duty engines, Passenger cars, Motorcycles 2-stroke and 4-Stroke, railroad locomotives.

GBL’s heavy-duty engine oil additive package developments begin with insight. It includes a comprehensive understanding of how truck drivers, fleet operators, mining houses and construction companies operate, and what they value when it comes to heavy-duty diesel engine oils. 

We work with our customers and offer them insightful ideas to uncover the best strategies to differentiate their products in the market.  By working with us our customers are better able to exploit market opportunities and meet profit goals.
Our holistic approach to oil additive formulation allows us to go beyond developing standard engine oil additive packages.

  Heavy-duty diesel engine oil additives
  Passenger car motor oil additives
  Two-stroke and four-stroke engines oil additives
  Gas or CNG engine oil additives
  Marine engine oil additives
  UTTO Oil additives.

GBL manufacture a variety of additives to improve the performance of Lubricants for Heavy-duty diesel engines. Heavy Duty Diesel Engine oil Additives are designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines operating on the road or in off-highway applications like as mining and construction.

GBL’s PCMO additives are designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines in passenger cars and light-duty trucks that operate with gasoline, diesel fuel or alternative fuel. The function of is to reduce friction, resist oxidation, minimize deposit formation, and prevent corrosion and wear.

2 Stroke engine oil additives are for two-stroke-cycle spark ignition engines. Two-stroke-cycle engines find application Outboard marine engines, Personal water craft and jet skis, Scooters, mopeds and all-terrain vehicles, Chain saws, lawn mowers and other portable implements

Small engine oil additives are designed for four-stroke engines across the entire spectrum of small engine applications. Like motorcylces, lawn movers and other.

Gas engine oil additives protect and enhance the performance of gas engines in stationary and mobile applications.

Marine engine oil additives are designed to enhance the performance of four-stroke 'trunk piston' engines and two-stroke 'cross-head' engines working in the toughest conditions and protect them.

Lubricant Additives

Driveline Additives

Driveline range includes entire range of automotive gear oil additives.

GBL’s formulated gear oil additives are designed to meet your specifications for quality, marketable claims, base stock compatibility, environmental responsibility, and cost efficiency. It also meet the latest performance requirements for extended drain, fuel economy and temperature stability.

  Industrial Gear Oil Additives
  Transmission Oil additives
  Manual Transmission Fluid
  Automatic Transmission Fluid
  UTTO oil additives
  STOU Additives (Super Tractor Oil Universal Additive)

An industrial gearbox is a system of assembled gears in which the mechanical energy is transferred from one device to another typically changing the speed, direction or torque of the input energy during the process. Gearboxes can modify their speed, torque to convert energy into a compatible format. They are useful in easing out the mechanical functioning in industries.

Lubricants for industrial gearboxes are selected according to several factors: the type of gears, operating conditions such as load, speed, and temperature, as well as any special requirements for the type of end use application of the gearbox:

GBL offers the most advanced range of additive technologies to meet the complex needs of today’s industrial gearbox operators. We have the most experienced people in the industry, developing our products and ensuring consistent high-quality. Our products support by improving the operating efficiency and reliability of equipment, and increasing its life.

manual transmission requires the driver to operate the gear stick and clutch in order to change gears (unlike an automatic transmission or semi-automatic transmission, where one or both of these functions are automated).

The focus on driver comfort has improved the designs of today's transmissions, especially in terms of shift feel and durability. The drive for improved fuel economy has also led to advancements in design and the use of a wide range of synchronizer materials.

These changes in transmission design have led to advancements in transmission lubricant additive technology highlighting the importance of using a dedicated manual transmission fluid (MTF) that is matched to the frictional properties of these more complex materials. GBLs Manual Transmission Fluid or Gear oil Additive provides Corrosion Protection, High Thermal Stability, Shear Stability, Synchronizer Friction Material compatibility.

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is the most complex of all lubricating fluids. Not only does it have to reduce friction to prevent wear like all lubricants, but it also has to allow a certain level of friction so clutch materials can engage. In some cases, they're transmission-specific.

To improve fuel economy, transmission components are lighter, despite increased engine horsepower. And new fuel-efficient transmissions exhibit higher torque and higher operating temperatures. All these factors are stressing the ATF severely. Problems such as transmission shudder, poor shift feel and accelerated wear are becoming more common as drain intervals are increased.

GBL offers the most advanced range of additive technologies to meet the complex needs of Automatic transmission Fluids. The expected properties of ATF are improved fuel economy, Anti-shudder friction durability, Shear stability, Low-temperature fluidity, improved oxidation stability

An UTTO oil additive is a Universal oil additive for transmission and hydraulic system of tractors equipped with wet brakes. It is Suitable for all new generation tractors having oil-immersed brakes. The primary uses for Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) are farm tractors and combines. 

GBLs UTTO provides Friction performance for clutches and wet brakes, Gear protection for transmissions, axles and final drives, Anti-wear protection, Hydraulic pump durability, Shear stability, Oxidation resistance, Corrosion protection, Low temperature flow performance 

GBL’s UTTO additive is for use in wet brake tractors only and covers the following components:

  • Transmissions
  • Clutches
  • Axles and final drives
  • Wet brakes
  • Hydraulic systems

GBL’s STOU is for use in wet brake tractors. The key difference between STOU and UTTO is that STOU can be used as a tractor engine oil (upto API CF grade) as well as transmission , wet brake and hydraulic fluid.

STOU covers the same components as a UTTO, with the addition of the engine:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Clutches
  • Axles and final drives
  • Wet brakes
  • Hydraulic systems
GBL’s STOU additive provides engine protection, Friction performance for clutches and wet brakes, Gear protection for transmissions, axles and final drives, Anti-wear protection, Hydraulic pump durability, Shear stability, Oxidation resistance, Corrosion protection, Low temperature flow performance 

There are two different types of gear oils, one used in industrial applications and other used in automotive applications. Automotive gear lubricants can be used in automotive manual transmissions, front and rear axles fitted with differentials, transaxles, power transfer units and differentials with limited slip or locking features.

Axle oils are used in many different types of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial trucks, as well as agriculture, mining, and construction equipment.

Axle oil performance additive packages focus on:

  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear protection for metal parts
  • avoid oxidation of the oil by maintaining thermal stability
  • Dissipating heat from metal parts
  • Rust and copper corrosion protection
  • Lubrication and protection of seals
  • Foaming Prevention
  • Providing required frictional properties

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