Food Preservatives


Sodium Benzoate is the safest food preservative Listed in US FDA, Food Chemical Codex, GRAS list. It is non-toxic, without side effect, odorless, colorless and tasteless. It is environmentally safe.

Application / Uses

 Sodium Benzoate is used as food preservative in various food products as :

  •   Squashes
      Barley Water
      Brewed Ginger Beer
      Tomato & other Sauces
      Jam, Marmalade
      Tomato Puree & Paste
      Fruit Syrups
  •   Fruit Jelly
      Pickles and Chutney from Fruits & Vegetable
      Dannish Tinned Carrier
      Fruit Juice
      Coffee Extract
      Cooked Pickled Meat, Ham, Bacon
      Syrup & Sherbet
      Sweetened Mineral water & Ready to serve Beverages

 Sodium Benzoate is used as Anticorrosive Agent

 Sodium Benzoate is used in combination with caffeine as a nerve stimulant

 In the pharmaceutical field Sodium Benzoate is used as a diagnostic reagent for liver functions.

Grades available: Food grade, Pharma grade (IP/BP/USP/JP/EP)

Food Preservatives


Benzoic acid is a white crystalline powder with slight odour of Benzoin or Benzaldehyde. It is produced in two grades – Technical and Pharmaceutical. It is soluble in non-polar solvents and slightly soluble in water. Also available in molten form or solid forms (Flakes).


Used in rubber as a retarder and hardener. In rubber used for slowing down the polymerization reaction. The acid also acts as decoloring agent. Used as a dispensing agent for vulcanization. It can be used as a preservative given that it increases storage stability and mitigates corrosion when used in emulsion formulations, liquid detergents, paints, polishes and waxes.


Intermediates for synthesis of other chemicals like Phenol, Benzene etc.. Paint and coating additives, De-icing and Antifreeze, Adhesives and sealant chemicals, Cosmetics and personal care Solvents (for cleaning and degreasing),Plasticizers, phenol and other chemicals

Grade & Purity:

Industrial Grade – 97.5% ,     Technical Grade – 99.0%


available in 25kg Craft Paper Bag or 500 Kg Jumbo bag.

BENZOIC ACID Pharma IP, BP, EP, JP, Foodgrade

Benzoic Acid has vast applications in antifungal and food preservatives. Benzoic Acid is used in Pharma, Food and Personal Care product.


Food Drink and Beverages , IM and IV injections.  Oral Solutions, Syrups and Oral Suspensions, Topical and Vaginal Preparations

Grade & Purity:

Food Grade : FCC, FSSAI, BIS ,     Pharmacopeia Grades : IP, BP, USP, JP, EP


99.5% - 100.5%