Detergent / Dispersant

TBN Booster (Magnesium / Calcium based)

TBN Booster - 400 TBN has the advantages of excellent neutralization power & high temperature detergency and rust preventive property. It can be mainly used for blending high and medium grade lubricating oil used in internal combustion engines, marines and the engines which use fuel with high sulfur content so that lacquer and carbon residue deposits accumulated in the combustion chamber of the engines are not only greatly reduced, but also the cleanliness of the pistons can be maintained. Corrosion to the engine parts by acidic matters also can be prevented and its service time can be prolonged. Better compounding synergistic effect can be obtained with the addition of ashless dispersant, anti-oxidant and corrosion inhibitor.

  GL 4481 Magnesium TBN 400
  GL 6419 Calcium TBN 400

Detergent / Dispersant

Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA)

GBL’s PIBSA is used as a chemical intermediate which helps in dispersion of hydrocarbon products. PIBSA also find its use as an additive for bio-fuels, emulsion explosives, lubricants, oil drilling, water treatment & coatings. PIB (polyisobutylene) derivatives like PIBSAs (polyisobutene succinic anhydrides) and the corresponding PIBSIs (polyisobutene succinic imides) that are one of the most widely used additives in automotive applications specially to meet the challenging demands of engine oils.

It is used to manufacture an ash less dispersant used for lubricant formulation. This aids in controlling deposits, sludge formation and prevents oil thickening.

PIBSA based dispersants (GL 1951, GL1953, GL1954) can help improve fuel economy and decrease frequency of oil drains, thereby offering environmental benefits.

PIBSA is used as an intermediate in the manufacturing process of different grades of polymeric emulsifiers is the key ingredient for manufacturing cartridge emulsion explosives. GBL PIBSA can then be further reacted to provide functional and performance products used in the oil, fuel, lubes, mining, coatings, personal care, pigments, dyes and polymers sectors.

PIBSA is available with different molecular weight.

  GL 1940  PIBSA based on 950 Mol. wt PIB
  GL 1944  PIBSA based on 1300 Mol. wt. PIB
  We can offer PIBSA with 2300 Mol. wt. also.

Detergent / Dispersant

Ashless Dispersant additives (PIBSI)

PIBSI (Polyisobutylene succinimide) is a derivative of PIBSA. It is an ashless succinimide based dispersant oil additive with extended thermal stability. In gasoline engines, our dispersant range provides excellent low temperature sludge and varnish control.

GBL’s lubricant additives are manufactured using quality ingredients and hence additives are highly effective for blending gasoline & diesel engine oils. Dispersants are based on succinimide therefore they are also effective in medium speed as well as high temperature super-charged engines.

We offer PIBSI with different molecular weight, and nitrogen content. We also offer Borated PIBSI.

Detergent / Dispersant


GX6230 Calcium Phenate Detergent Provides High Temperature Detergency in Automotive Formulations

Calcium phosphonate/ phenate type detergent that provides high temperature detergency and some measure of antioxidancy in both gasoline and diesel automotive formulations. This has extremely good acid neutralization capacity and high-temperature detergency, excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion control as well as good emulsion resistance and oil solubility. It’s compatible with sulfonates, alkenyl succinimide, ZDDP and other additives. It has prominent effect in reducing top-piston ring carbon and is widely used to blend middle and high grade engine oils.