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Brake Fluid

Ganesh Synthetic brake fluids has unique chemistry which is highly protective from Rusting & Severe corrosion to the internal parts of the brake system like master cylinder, brake caliper which improves life of ABS system. It is non-swelling and shrinkage for elastomer keeps system leakage free. Passed EPDM rubber cup expansion test. Dot 3 and Dot 4 and Dot 5.1 fluid gives protection to the system from humid and hot conditions. Dot4 and Dot5.1 having low viscosity formula, specially designed for heavy duty vehicles at cold region for ESP system. It’s low moisture tolerance property protects the system from vapour lock and spongy braking.

It gives

  •   Exceptional thermal stability
      Excellent chemical stability
      Good water tolerance
      Free from boric acid formulation
      Good fluidity at low temp and high temp.
      Prevents rubber swelling
  •   Transmits required power to brake pads rapidly.
      Improves seal life
      Prevent from corrosion and extra care for brake
      Lining copper protection
      Lubricates brake cylinder.
Ganesh DOT 3 DOT 3 Specs
Dry Boiling point 205 oC Vehicles with Drum Brakes front and rear hydraulic clutch systems. Can also be used for modern vehicles, mainly Asian aplications with disc brake, ABS, ESP
Wet boiling point 140 oC
Viscosity @-40 oC Max 1500 mm2/s
Ganesh DOT 4 DOT 4 Specs
Dry Boiling point 230 oC Vehicles with Drum Brakes on front and rear. Vehicles with disc brakes all round. Suitable vehicles with ABS.
Wet boiling point 140 oC
Viscosity @-40 oC Max 1800 mm2/s
Ganesh DOT 3 DOT 3 Plus Specs
Dry Boiling point 250 oC For modern vehicles equipped with ESP and ABS.
Wet boiling point 165 oC
Viscosity @-40 oC Max 750 mm2/s