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Sulfurised Isobutylene (EP Additive)

GL1315 is a light colored, 40% sulfur-containing additive with high sulfur activity. This product can be widely used for prepare all kinds of gear oil, oil for metal processing, lubrication grease and anti-abrading hydraulic oil etc. It is having very good dissolve character in oil, character of pressure activity and stability;

It has excellent anti-wear ability under extreme pressure, Good oil solubility ,High thermal stability , Good compatibility with other additives.

GL 1315 is recommended at 2% to 10% by weight in paraffinic or naphthenic oils to formulate a wide variety of ferrous metal cutting fluids. It is used primarily for blending high quality gear oils, metal working oil, gadder oils and grease, it is the main additive for sulfur phosphorus type gear oils.

Other Components


GBL GX149 is a defoamer formulated with silicone compounds dispersed in synthetic hydrocarbons for use in non-aqueous

Other Components

Pour Point Dispersant

GBL PPD are range of pour point depressant’s manufactured to provide the most cost-effective solution to keep your automotive lubricants flowing in the cold.

They are highly recommended for use in a wide variety of engine oils, gear oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids.

Other Components

Viscosity Index Improver (Liquid)

GL 3009 is 25 SSI Cost-effective OCP viscosity modifier having viscosity of approx. 1000 Cst at 100 deg C. A non-dispersant olefin copolymer viscosity modifier it is specially engineered to provide low-temperature performance while maintaining excellent film strength and engine test performance. GL 3009 is an oil concentrate of an olefinic copolymer and is recommended primarily as a Viscosity Index Improver for crankcase lubricants particularly where excellent shear stability is desired. As applies to all viscosity index improvers, there is some loss in viscosity and in viscosity index due to the shear forces encountered in engine operation.

GL 3015 is 35 SSI Cost-effective OCP viscosity modifier having viscosity of approx. 1300 Cst at 100 deg C. it has good thickening power.