Industrial Oil Additives


Water Soluble Cutting Oil Additive. It is a brown color, naphthenic or paraffinic oil soluble, a premium, cutting oil additive. It is a true synthetic metalworking coolant capable of easily handling most grinding, sawing, turning, boring, milling and drilling operations. Cutting Oil Additive forms a stable translucent solution over a wide range of water hardness and temperatures. This clarity greatly enhances workpiece visibility. This unique formula is non-corrosive to steel, cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum and carbide tooling.

It leaves a light, oily, film that provides short-term indoor rust protection and, unlike other synthetic coolants, lessens the problem of sticking on machine ways and slides. It contains lubricity, defoaming and corrosion preventive additives. The latest and most effective bacterial protection is provided to prevent rancidity.

Its emulsifier mixes readily with water to form stable emulsions and has best rust-preventative properties. It is inhibited against foaming. This product is suitable for a wide range of metal cutting and grinding operations. It will effectively remove heat from the work piece and can be applied as a stream, or in mist form.

Industrial Oil Additives


GBL Neat Cutting oil Additive recommended for manufacturing Neat cutting oil for intensive machining process with high stock removal such as gear cutting, thread cutting, drilling and deep drilling, honing, hobbing, turning etc.

Neat cutting oil additives imparts excellent EP and anti wear properties essential for increased tool life and achieve superior surface finish.

GL 1371 is a sulfur-containing cutting oil additive recommended for machining ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals and for repetitive machining operations These are also recommended for free cutting on mild steel, which involve high spindle speeds and short cycle times, particularly on screw automats, capstan or turret lathes. . It is developed for severe metal cutting operations including gear cutting, broaching and threading of alloy and stainless steel. This provides a lubricating film which resists cutting stresses and gives very good surface finish and long cutting tool life. It provides anti-weld, oiliness and EP properties to these oils.

Industrial Oil Additives


GL 1329 is a premium quality multifunctional additive for formulating thermic fluids. It is highly effective oxidation and thermal decomposition inhibitors eliminates sludging and staining, and significantly prolongs useful service life.

2.0 to 7.0% by weight, In suitable base stocks to prepare ideal thermic fluid for use In indirect closed heat transfer system up to 320 º C. For best life it should be used at or below 300 º C for continuous operation

Industrial Oil Additives


GL 1326 is a premium quality multifunctional additive for formulating quenching oils. It has been developed to meet the most stringent North American and European standards, especially those for assuring clean and bright parts after heat treatment. It is highly effective oxidation and thermal decomposition inhibitors eliminates sludging and staining, and significantly prolongs useful service life of this outstanding quench oil additive.

  1-3% weight for cold quench oils
  3-5% weight for hot quench oils
  2% weight for heat transfer systems

In suitable base stocks to prepare ideal quenching oil for use when deeper and more uniform hardening is required. Oils formulated with GL 1326 are suitable for use in a wide variety of quenching and heat transfer operations.

Industrial Oil Additives


GL-1331 is specially formulated non staining, odorless having lubricity and antiwear properties with special additives. It can be used as a rust inhibitor/friction modifier in various applications. It is an oil soluble Rust & corrosion inhibitor additive recommended for turbine oils, circulating oils, hydraulic oils, greases, automotives & various metalworking applications.