Speciality Chemicals


Methyl Benzoate is a Benzoic acid Methyl ester, appearance is Colorless liquid to slightly yellowish liquid. It has strong, Heavy-sweet, Deep-floral, aromatic ester Odor. It’s a god source of the benzoyl radical via trans-esterification type reaction. Methyl Benzoate is used in application where polarity and solvency is required.


  •   Methyl benzoate is used as a source of benzoyl radical, such as in the manufacture of butyl benzoate by ester interchange with butanol.
      Dye carrier formulations based on methyl benzoate are useful in textile processing, and its broad solvency permits considerable latitude in formulation, relatively low volatility of Methyl benzoate suggests solvent application where retention of solvency in a coating film is desirable during the drying process.

Speciality Chemicals


Benzoate Plasticisers under the name of BENZOPLAST. Benzoate plasticizer is a branch of plasticizer like phthalate or phosphate.

High solvating primary plasticizer with high efficiency, low fusion temperature with PVC and rapid processing production rate are the main characteristics of BENZOPLAST plasticizer.

BENZOPLAST has excellent compatibility with the following polymers.

  •   Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
      Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)
      PVC / PVA copolymer
      Poly Acrylate
      Ethyl Cellulose
  •   Nitro Cellulose
      Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
      Chloroprene Rubber
      Nitrile Rubber
      Styrene Butadine Rubber

It is not compatible with polystyrene and cellulose acetate.